Two Weeks of Hell…and a Day of Serenity

I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s see, what has happened in the past two weeks? I’ve fallen behind-very behind. Our house is the home to a brand new Husky/German Shepard mix puppy who at the time we acquired him was only 3 1/2 weeks old. He had been abandoned so we took him in. That meant, finishing weaning him. The first couple days and nights was with a bottle, and thankfully he progressed to puppy food quickly. My writing fell behind during those days because well…a baby. This is Ares, he is adorable, even though he seems to believe his leash will kill him.


So, we have a new dog. A new BIG dog-or at least he will be big when he’s grown. Add this to the two we had already, prior to Ares’ arrival.

After things calmed down with the new addition to the family, I thought I’d be back to writing per the norm. No. Of course not. That would be too perfect. My fifteen-year-old daughter decides she wants to head north to Oregon to witness the total eclipse in person. (Can’t blame her-I did as well.) We pack up the two dogs, one puppy, a cooler and some blankets and off we go. This was Sunday afternoon, around five p.m. With frequent stops for puppy potty breaks, gas, drinks, food, stretching our legs, we finally arrived in Halsey, Oregon somewhere near 3:30 a.m. Halsey, (some small town along I-5) was not meant to be our stopping point but discovering that it too was in the path of totality, and adding in the fact that I simply couldn’t drive anymore that night, we stopped at a gas station. They were nice enough to let us stay in the parking lot, (no hotels were available in a 400-mile circumference) along with a few other cars doing the exact same thing. After we were all settled, dogs fed and walked, we locked the doors and crashed out. When we opened our eyes a few hours later, the parking lot was packed and not one more car would fit in. We made the right call to stay where we were. The following photos are our view just before the eclipse and during totality. The drive was well worth it.



That’s when the paradigm began to shift. I’d like to blame it on the eclipse simply because that would make more sense. However, science…and yeah, that’s not possible. Before we left Oregon, someone hit our car. My new car. At the gas station, while we were inside, and then drove away. We leave with the newly dented front bumper and jump back on the freeway. Of course, everyone and their brother tried to leave Oregon at the same time which made the ensuing traffic nightmare even worse.

Somewhere along the way, I started to not feel so well. With ongoing health issues, it wasn’t a shock, rather, great fucking timing. There were still hours to drive before we were remotely close to home, and San Francisco had never seemed so far away. On I drove. Fast forward to by the time we got home, let the dogs out, and then got them back in the house–my neighbor was driving me to the hospital, where I ended up having emergency surgery.

At that point, my writing was now several days behind, the new dog, the spontaneous trip, the car being hit, the drive home, not feeling well, ending up in the hospital, having surgery, yeah…no time to write at all. My next release was supposed to happen on the 25th, it didn’t. I found myself adding that to all the previous stress and it wasn’t helping matters. I had to find a way to push it aside for the time being. That didn’t work. I couldn’t do it. Writing is a big part of my life and something that I have to do or I feel incomplete.

Sitting in the hospital bed, on an IV medication pump for pain control, I had them bring me my laptop…and I began to write. It was actually a rewrite of the edits, but I was going at it. Smut, sex, fucking, blow jobs, anal,  gangbang, you name it, there I was, all doped up trying to write great sex with a MILF, a college football team, and a stepson. Let me tell you, it was a hot fucking mess. When I went back to look at it after they removed the IV medications, morphine is a great thing I should add, I had to laugh. Even though there was no way I would send this to my editor or anyone else…I had managed to write the worst piece of crap I had ever written. Yet, I was proud of myself. With the two weeks I had, I could have easily walked away from that story, or at least shoved it away on a flash drive somewhere and forgot it but I didn’t. Even under the worst conditions I’d ever tried to write in, there were words on the screen.

Now that everything has calmed down, I’m recovering, and I’m writing, things should start to get back to normal. What the hell happened over the past two weeks?? I don’t want to repeat that for a long damn time! If I couldn’t laugh about it, I would surely cry.

S.D.  cropped-logo.jpg

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